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About Edinburgh

"When I look out in the morning, it is as if I had waked up in Utopia" - George Eliot

Here you can find some links to other places on the web which will give you a bigger picture of what we, and Edinburgh, are about.

The City of Edinburgh

Whatever your pleasure, Edinburgh certainly has something for everyone. Some general sites to get you started include:

Edinburgh's Festivals

Edinburgh is home to some of the most famous and spectacular events and festivals in the world, including (to name a few) The Edinburgh International Festival, The Festival Fringe, The Edinburgh Book Festival, Hogmanay (New Year),as well as various others throughout the year. But don't take our word for it, visit the sites yourself at

Dining out from Garlands

Edinburgh is one of the main culinary centres in the UK sporting no less than 5 Michelin star-rated restaurants, most of which are within easy striking distance of Garlands. We offer on this page a small selection of favourite dining spots that we would happily recommend to you.

Of the fine dining restaurants, our particular favourite is Number One at the Balmoral Hotel where head chef, Jeff Brand, never fails to titillate the taste buds. Booking well in advance is a must for this excellent Michelin Star restaurant.

Even nearer to home (only a very short walk from Garlands), are two of our very favourite Italian restaurants. Both are owned by serial entrepreneur and general nice chap, Tony Crolla, who always ensures good food and a friendly welcome. Nearest to us is La Favorita and a little further away is Vittoria, both on Leith Walk. La Favorita has the best pizza’s - and the best waiting staff - in town. Vitoria is family owned and run and consistently serves high quality, reasonably priced, food. A happy dining experience is always assured at Vittoria.

If you are vegetarian (and even if you’re not), you are in for a treat at David Bann’s located in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town.

If you want us to book you a table for your first night in Edinburgh (highly advisable at weekends), just let us know and we’ll be happy to do this for you.

Tours from Garlands

There are many companies that take tours from Edinburgh. Here are two that we recommend.

Rabbie's Trail Burners is an excellent company that specialises in small group tours and about whom we have had excellent feedback.

Black Kilt Tours is a new company specialising in bespoke tours catering for the gay community.








photos by Michal Barvik

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