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  • bedroomall rooms have private ensuite toilet and shower;

  • free wifi internet access;

  • central heating throughout, controllable from your room;

  • personal safe and hairdryer in your room;

  • tea and coffee making facilities in room;

  • colour flat screen TV in room;

  • iron and ironing board available on request;

bedroomHouse Rules

There are only three house rules.

The first is please read and familiarise yourself with the fire drill situated on the door of your room - it's not good enough to simply scream, faint and wait to be carried out of the building!

The second is our no smoking policy, which applies to the whole house and is in complience with legislation. We take this matter very serioulsy so if you're not prepared to observe the law, please stay elsewhere (we used to have a joke in here but we took it out in case readers thought we were just kidding!).

Lastly, please don't flush little intimate objects down the loo. These should simply be wrapped in toilet paper and deposited in the bin provided.


If you need anything you can summon help by pressing the Ring for Attention bell in the hall. We live on the first floor so, in an emergency, we can be contacted there. Be prepared, however, to catch us with our curlers in! You may, for example, need glasses, ice or cutlery if you're eating in your room. You may need to make an emergency phone call. You may even need old towels if you find Edinburgh isn't exciting enough and you decide to stay home and dye your hair! Yes, people do do this and they make a right mess of our lovely white towels in the process! It's just possible too that we've forgotten some of the essentials in your room. If, therefore, there's no loo roll please don't feel obliged simply to 'make do'!

The message is simple: whatever you want, please ask. We're only too willing to do anything to make your stay at Garlands as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. For example, if you would like to have a particular beverage supplied for your room, don't wait to tell us in your review as we may well have it in stock and if not, we would happily surce it for you.

bedroomOther Information

You can control the heating in your room and you'll find additional blankets in the wardrobe

We find it very helpful when guests pay their bill either on arrival or on the day before departure - seeing to bills at breakfast has been known to result in an unexpected fire drill!

safeOn the final day of your stay, please vacate your room by 10.00am as we need time to turn the room around for the next lucky occupants. If you want us to look after your luggage until later in the day we will do our best to accommodate. Finally, if you have any comments about your stay, we want to hear them - good and bad, the latter so that we can remedy matters and the former because it makes us feel good!

We welcome well-behaved dogs. But if your doggie misbehaves and there is damage to our property, you will be charged accordingly.

We hope you enjoyed reading this and we look forward to looking after you during your stay.


Garlands Guest House | 48 Pilrig Street, Edinburgh | + 44 131 554 4205 |